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360 Vs. PS3
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TOPIC: 360 Vs. PS3

Re:360 Vs. PS3 4 years, 5 months ago #5661

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darkshad0w342 wrote:
sergeant wrote:
Lol.............In my opinion, it's the 360 that owns. The graphics are better than any other system, the user interface is better, and of course, the games that you can play, such as Halo. The only reason that I play CoD on a 360 is because of the graphics.

Yeah I agree the 360 is amazing, The graphics are more realistic, and just try and play halo on a ps3, and anyways they topped the ps3 with the slim and kinect (which I hate with a fiery passion ) the kinect ruins the awesomeness of a 360 (In my opinion) but when they actually make a good game for it I might change my mind, all condidered, 360 wins hands down.

Hmm try to play Halo on a PS3... I'll give it a shot... HOLY SHIT it works! Guys try this out, it works on the PS3. Who would have thought?
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